November 06, 2020 3 min read

How to Earn with Betterbrand

"I posted my affiliate link in my group. A bunch of my friends saved on BetterLungs and like it a lot. Can't beat getting $10 on every order too."
- Betterbrand Affiliate


Three easy steps:

  1. Sign up to be an Affiliate.
  2. Enter your PayPal information (so we can pay you later).
  3. Start sharing your link and discount code with friends and family!

If this sounds good to you, the steps to begin are listed below. 👇


Step 1: Follow this link to our Affiliate registration page where you will see the following:


Step 2: Just fill in your email, name, and set a password for your account. You must also accept the terms and verify you are not a robot. After that, click “register”.


Step 3: You will see the following confirming you have signed up.


Step 4: Login using the email and password you used to register to be an Affiliate.


Step 5: Set up your PayPal for future earnings payments. You will see the following when logging in for the first time. Click the “profile page” link.


Step 6: Select your payment option by clicking the “more info” button.


Step 7: Click the PayPal button and enter the email address associated with your PayPal account. Click "Save".


Step 8: Click the home button to get your link!


Step 9: Share your link and review your earnings! You can copy the link provided and share it with friends and family on social media. This link allows us to track which orders come from you. For each order that a friend or family member makes, you receive $10. When you have a total of $100 in earnings, we will initiate a payment to your PayPal account!


Step 10: Share your discount code. To find your discount code, click the “info page” tab. When you sign up to be an Affiliate, a code is automatically generated. We can customize the code for you if you email (example: we can allow you to give a code that is easy to remember, like “FriendsofChris”). The code* does not have to be in all caps and can be entered at checkout (image below). The default discount is $3 off the entire order.

*Discount codes cannot be used with previously discounted products, to include subscriptions (if they use your link for those items, you will still receive $10).


Friends & family can enter your discount code here:


Subscription vs. One Time Purchase: When your friends or family members are checking out, you can help them identify which buying option is best for them (and you!).

One Time Purchase: On the product page, the one time purchase option is a full priced bottle. There is no auto refill on this option when selected.

The “+” button can be used to increase the number of bottles that will be included in the shipment. We constantly run a “2 for $60” promotion. If your friends or family members use this option and buy 2 bottles, the discount code you gave them will not work (they’re already receiving $10 off, so tell them to use your link if they want that deal).

Become an Affiliate



Click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner and message a team member!

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