Energy & Focus

BetterFocus™ is a pharmacist-formulated supplement for memory, focus, and energy with natural, science-backed ingredients.*

  • Supports elevated focus and mood.*
  • Promotes jitter-free energy.*
  • Helps with memory & recall.*
  • Aids in stress management.*

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All-day focus and energy, without the crash.

During pharmacy school, our founder Dr. Chris and his loyal companion started looking for a natural way to get them through long hours of studying and lab work. They began to research ingredients that supported focus, energy, and mood, but avoided the jitters and crash associated with traditional stimulants. What they discovered became BetterFocus™: a supplement for mood, memory, energy, and focus with all-day benefits.

Natural Ingredients

  • L-Theanine

    Helps reduce stress, supports cognitive performance and sustained attention*
  • Dynamine™ (methylliberine)

    250mg of 40%,100mg equivalent
    Activates neurotransmitters related to mood, energy, and focus*
  • Rhodiola

    Positively influences neurotransmitters related to relieving stress, contributing to focus*
  • TeaCrine® (theacrine)

    Enhances mental performance to reduce the effects of fatigue*
  • Caffeine

    Supports mental alertness and memory, enhances athletic performance*

How it works:

Take two (2) capsules at least 15 minutes before you need a boost of focus and energy.


You can safely take two (2) capsules a day, not too late in the afternoon (unless there’s an evening soirée!).

BetterFocus® is a natural evolution of BetterMind®. It kicks in faster, lasts longer, and has adaptogenic properties, which help the body find balance when it’s stressed. Plus, you don’t have to take it with food anymore.

Totally! Feel free to mix them into a non-carbonated beverage or food — we recommend applesauce to mask the flavor. Some people even add it to their coffee.

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