An all-natural supplement designed to support immune function, lung health, and athletic performance.

Manufactured in the USA

Only All-Natural Ingredients

Data-driven Formula 

Pharmacist-Formulated, Doctor Approved

Pharmacist-formulated lung support.

Dr. Chris Jackson, Army Veteran and Chief Science Officer, personally researched over two-hundred ingredients in the development of BetterLungs. He arrived at an all-natural formula of 8 ingredients, mostly botanicals, that promote immunity and lung health while supporting respiratory performance.

Dr. Chris Jackson
Founder, Betterbrand

BetterLungs is formulated with ingredients traditionally used to:

Support Respiratory Health

Promote a Healthy Immune System

Preserve Stamina

Aid Athletic Performance

Support Healthy Airflow

Support Respiratory Health

Promote Healthy Immune System

Preserve Stamina

Aid Performance

Support Healthy Airflow

BetterLungs contains
8 potent ingredients that are:

All-Natural • Manufactured in the US • Made in a cGMP Certified Facility

Reishi Mushrooms

Promotes immune function*

N-Acetyl Cycteine

Supports a healthy immune response*


Supports respiratory health*

Vitamin D

Supports resistance to air pollution*

American Ginseng

Adaptogenic properties*

White Horehound

Supports healthy airways*

Maritime Pine Bark

Aids athletic performance*

Osha Root

Supports open airways*

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BetterLungs has helped thousands support their lungs.

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