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Mood support supplement designed to naturally promote calmness, reduce stress, and maintain a balanced, positive mood.

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Supports healthy, balanced mood*
Improves energy levels*
Supports physical performance*
Helps to reduce stress*
Neurotransmitter support*

Cool & Calm.

A bad mood can ruin a good day, and a good mood can turn a bad day around. BetterMood’s blend of all-natural adaptogens and mood-balancers help you manage stress, get over life’s daily hurdles, and move forward with a greater sense of well-being.

"I can't help but notice that I'm smiling a lot more."

- Vivien, BetterMood Beta Tester

Cool & Calm

A bad mood can ruin a good day, and a good mood can turn a bad day around. BetterMood’s blend of all-natural adaptogens and mood-balancers help you manage stress, get over life’s daily hurdles, and move forward with a greater sense of well-being.

BetterMood, better life.

BetterMood's formula is built around adaptogens and neurotransmitter support. Adaptogens help your body "adapt" to the stresses of daily life, and other ingredients support neurotransmitters responsible for controlling anxiety and stress levels.

noo r-oh-trans-mit-er

Messengers running to and from the brain and the different parts of the body communicating a variety of information. Specific neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine are responsible for your well-being, focus, and alertness, respectively.


Plant extract or substance that helps promote a balanced mind by regulating the hormones related to stress through adrenal support.



Pleasure, relaxation, positivity



Excitement, alertness, energy



Reward, motivation, euphoria

What's inside

7 All-natural Ingredients

All-natural • Sugar-free • FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients • Made in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) Facility


What is it?

Small evergreen shrub found in Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Why it's used

Improves energy, recovery, and endurance, reduces fatigue and stress, supports the immune system, increases resistance to fatigue, boosts energy*



What is it?

Climbing plant native to the South American rainforest, its seed is used medicinally in some cultures.

Why it's used

May reduce fatigue and improve focus*


Panax ginseng

What is it?

Perennial herb with a long history of traditional medicinal use, Asian counterpart to American ginseng, found in China, Korea, and Siberia.

Why it's used

Supports the immune system, may fight tiredness and increase energy levels*



What is it?

Plant with roots used in traditional medicine, grows in alpine regions such as the Himalayas and southwestern China.

Why it's used

Supports sustained energy, mood, and physical performance*



What is it?

Medicinal spice derived from the flower of the Crocus sativus plant.

Why it's used

Supports memory, healthy mood balance, and eyesight*



What is it?

Essential amino acid found in the proteins of many foods.

Why it's used

Precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter commonly associated with mood*



What is it?

Amino acid found in beans, dairy, eggs, fish, meats, nuts, and seeds.

Why it's used

Precursor to several neurotransmitters including dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, which are associated with the feeling of well-being, energy, and dealing with occasional stress*


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