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I tried BetterMind and LOVED it ! I felt more clarity throughout the day and was able to stay focused even with many distractions. I also had a ton of energy, jitter free. Highly recommend:)


I purchased the Better Mind for my son, his girlfriend and me. Within a week of taking it, both of them were calling me to brag about how much better they felt, remembering things mostly short time memory and thinking better....I just laugh because I felt exactly the same, they are both in their 20’s and I’m middle 60’s. What a blessing for all of us! Of course I subscribed! Thank you Better Mind!


I have ADD and have taken various nootropics, adderall, and modafinil in the past, and always got a jittery feeling. Bettermind has none of that! It doesn't feel like a "high" but sharp mental clarity, I've found that I'm not just more productive but more active in my downtime too :)

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3 months

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