BetterFocus™ 5-Serving Pack

10 Capsules • 5 Day Supply
  • Supports elevated focus and mood.*
  • Promotes jitter-free energy.*
  • Helps with memory & recall.*
  • Aids in stress management.*
  • GMP-Certified, Third Party Tested, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Made in the USA

Natural Ingredients

How it works:

BetterFocus has a noticeable impact the first time you take it. Just pop two capsules 15 minutes before you need to lock in for a few hours. Don't take it too late in the day or you'll be up all night!


You can safely take two (2) capsules per serving, not too late in the afternoon or it might impact your sleep. Some users use two (2) in the morning and two (2) in the afternoon, it just depends on how much energy and focus you want!

BetterFocus® is a natural evolution of BetterMind®. It kicks in faster, lasts longer, and has adaptogenic properties, which help the body find balance when it’s stressed. Plus, you don’t have to take it with food anymore.

Totally! Feel free to mix them into a non-carbonated beverage or food — we recommend applesauce to mask the flavor. Some people even add it to their coffee.

Your all-day bump in focus, energy, and mood, without the crash.

While working on their doctorates, cofounders Dr. Chris and TheCryptoDog started looking for a natural way to get them through long hours of studying and lab work. They began to research ingredients that supported focus, energy, and mood, but avoided the jitters and crash associated with traditional stimulants. What they created became BetterFocus™: a supplement for mood, memory, energy, and focus with all-day benefits.

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