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Why We Made BetterLungs

Why We Made BetterLungs

Here at Betterbrand, we pride ourselves on transparency. That extends from the thinking behind formula design to why we decided to make the product in the first place. As Chief Science Officer, I would like to take a moment to provide a little bit of background about myself and tell the story behind the development of BetterLungs. This blog contains information on my reasoning for designing a respiratory support product and should not constitute medical advice.

My father is from an area of the U.S. with a high rate of smokers, much higher than the national average. Every one of my family members on my father’s side is or was a smoker. I say “was” because a few of them have now passed due to complications associated with respiratory ailments. I wasn’t raised there because my immediate family bounced from place to place as we followed my father throughout his military career, but we did visit during the holidays most years. I would see my family members following large gaps in time between visits, and our conversations would usually be focused around catching up on the state of everyone’s health. This taught me the importance of finding an approach to personal health that works at the individual level.

I helped a lot of older family members search for natural lung support products, but I never found any with enough evidence backing them. After doing my own research to help, I found a combination of natural ingredients that would give them the respiratory support they were searching for. I distilled the ingredients list down to the best choices, dosed them for effectiveness, and thus BetterLungs was born. Following rave reviews from our smoker and non-smoker test groups, we put it into production.

BetterLungs is not meant to displace modern medicine in any way, shape, or form, but is meant to support the healthy cellular structure and function relationships that exist within the respiratory system of people like my father, who is in his 60s and has been smoking for decades, as well as the next generation. For those that continue to smoke cigarettes, I wanted to ensure that the product provided some antioxidant support. For those that have a general interest in supporting their lungs, I wanted to provide ingredients that might help improve athletic performance. 

Thankfully, my father is currently doing well. He takes BetterLungs daily and has not run out of good things to say about it. My goal was to get the product on the market before his 66th birthday, a day which the family is very much looking forward to as it will make him the oldest surviving member of his immediate family. Our team at Betterbrand achieved that goal with a few months to spare. 

One final note that I would like to emphasize is that I encourage anyone and everyone to utilize modern medicine for respiratory issues such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and upper respiratory tract infections. Clinical practice guidelines exist and should be utilized for the management of these ailments in conjunction with regularly scheduled appointments with a primary care provider. If any dietary supplement claims to treat, cure, or prevent these ailments, I would shy away. That’s because claims that bold typically come with “snake oil”. Betterbrand does not make these claims and we try and set realistic expectations for all of our products. Thanks for reading!


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