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Say goodbye to brain fog and get long-lasting energy with BetterMind, the only supplement that provides all-day energy, focus, and clarity in one capsule.

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We provide people with data-backed, life-improving supplements paired with a straightforward understanding of how they work.

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Intentional ingredients.

No fluff. No fillers.

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Stress-free productivity

Eliminates anxiety and synergizes with caffeine to improve reaction time and general comprehension

Alpha GPC

Thought fuel

Works in conjunction with huperzine to get you from one thought to the next

Huperzine A

Focus & action

Promotes mental and physical activity, improves thought to action conversion, enhances memory formation and recollection


Fast acting brain fuel

Readily available ketogenic energy designed to quickly reach your brain


Smooth, sustained energy

Provides stamina throughout the day, improves mood, and makes caffeine more effective


Raw Energy

Delivers immediate energy and combats drowsiness, optimal amount to work with theanine and theacrine

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What is better?

To us, better is forming good habits, saying goodbye to procrastination, and accomplishing more, one day at a time.

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