An all-natural supplement designed to support immune function, lung health, and athletic performance.

60 Capsules • 30 Day Supply • Dietary Supplement

All natural*
Potent antioxidant*
Promotes immune health*
Quick release capsules*
Supports healthy breathing*


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Most ingredients have been used as natural remedies for respiratory ailments for hundreds of years. As the natural ingredients were investigated over time, some were found to have antiviral and antimicrobial activity, anti-inflammatory effects, and the ability to help with symptoms associated with certain respiratory ailments.

The ingredients in BetterLungs were selected with smokers, and their lung health, in mind. The idea for the product came from our Chief Scientist who wanted to help the smokers in his family and those with chronic bronchitis and COPD. He searched tirelessly for ingredients that might have helped his grandma and two aunts that passed from complications related to these ailments.

Most of the ingredients work better the longer you take them, so definitely!

Yes. Our ingredients are all-natural, clinically tested, FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), and manufactured in a GMP Certified facility.

Anyone with the medical conditions listed above should be managed by a healthcare professional. With that said, these all natural ingredients have been used as natural remedies for many years.

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