60 Gummies • 30 Day Supply
  • Supports gut health & metabolism.*
  • Maintains a healthy immune response.*
  • Promotes mental clarity & calmness.*
  • Elevates energy & focus.*

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    Natural Ingredients

    How it works:

    Take two delicious gummies daily — Effects take time to build, so give them 4-8 weeks of consistent use to experience the full impact of our magical mushrooms!


    Each serving of BetterMushrooms (i.e., two gummies) contains 2,500mg of functional mushroom extracts from 10 different varieties — a potent dose that has been clinically studied for safety and efficacy.

    Yes! We designed all of our products to be safe and effective when taken together. Since the 10 functional mushrooms in BetterMushrooms provide a wide range of support for your body and mind, they pair well with the natural, targeted ingredients in our other blends, such as BetterFocus!

    Our gummies have a delicious raspberry smell and flavor. Don’t worry — it won’t taste like you’re eating mushrooms!

    Our magical, but not trippy, mushroom blend for an elevated body and mind.

    Dr. Chris and TheCryptoDog first encountered functional mushrooms when they read an early peer-reviewed study on the properties of Reishi. They were fascinated by the extent of uses in Traditional Medicine and began to delve into the scientific literature around other mushroom species and blends. After years of compiling data and discussion, they decided to develop a safe and effective functional mushroom supplement that could naturally support full-body health and help individuals feel their best every day.

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