man with long hair working from home and typing on laptop at long dining room table

5 Powerful WFH Hacks

1. Start with a plan.

Plan your workday as soon as possible. It’s a whole lot easier to take on a list of to-dos than it is to try and make them as you go. Knowing exactly what you’re going to get done in a day helps you mentally prepare for work and then have a strong start to the day.

2. Set limits.

Give yourself a certain amount of time for miscellaneous things like checking social media. Sometimes this can be hard to control and measure on your own, but there are all kinds of free browser extensions and phone apps that can lock you out of certain sites if you’re spending more time on them than you’d like. 

3. Take a break.

Know how long of a break you’re going to take and take it seriously. Set a timer and separate yourself from your work. Sit somewhere else, take a walk, make some food, anything that helps you really break away from what you’ve been doing for hours. Doing this right will let you come back refreshed and much more productive.

4. Know when you’re done.

How do you win a race with no finish line? Knowing there’s an end in sight will only help you get more done sooner. Rather than meandering around until you feel like you’re done and ending the day half-guilty, you’ll reach your final task, hit your stride, and finish strong and deliberately.

5. Try a focus supplement.

Instead of slamming espresso all day, try taking a nootropic like BetterFocus. You get focus support and elevated energy in a better way than coffee can provide with less caffeine than a cup of joe, too. Six natural ingredients, backed by scientific research, work together to keep you productive all day long. Learn more about BetterFocus.

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