BetterLungs, but with IMMUSE?

BetterLungs, but with IMMUSE?

What is BetterLungs, and why did we add a variant?

BetterLungs started as a passion project of our cofounder, Dr. Chris. He has a long family history of respiratory issues and wanted to create a product that could help his family members and anyone else facing respiratory issues. A weak respiratory tract can put your immune system in a vulnerable state, so Dr. Chris spent hours looking over hundreds of scientific studies to find the ideal, clinically supported ingredient that can help strengthen immune system function. All of his research finally led him to IMMUSE™ LC-Plasma, winner of the 2021 Frost & Sullivan North American Immune Health Ingredient and New Product Innovation Award. He was so confident in this ingredient's abilities that he added it to the BetterLungs® lineup. Dr. Chris’s new immunity product is the first respiratory gummy to include the IMMUSE™ LC-Plasma ingredient.

So...what is IMMUSE?

IMMUSE™ is a specific lactic acid bacteria, LC-Plasma, that directly activates pDCs. Activated pDCs release interferons which are a critical component of a well functioning immune defense system. LC-Plasma is more effective at activating pDCs than over a hundred other scientifically tested lactic bacteria strains. IMMUSE™ is a revolutionary immune health product that can provide immune support for anyone looking to increase the efficacy of their immune system.

IMMUSE™’s support of the immune system and respiratory health has been backed by over a dozen clinical trials. 14 human trials and 12 efficacy studies confirm IMMUSE’s immune health benefits. Researchers conducted a study on 213 healthy individuals during a 10 week period during the winter season. The individuals who consumed IMMUSE™ during this period showed an increase in their respiratory health. It can also promote year-round health when it is taken regularly.

IMMUSE™ can even provide immune support for exercise performance. When engaging in intense physical activity, the brain releases a torrent of hormones that can boost energy levels, but they can also put a tax on your immune system. Long periods of intense exercise have been proven to put athletes' respiratory health at risk. IMMUSE™ can provide innovative immune system support at the cellular level to ready you for any intense physical activity.

Why BetterLungs with IMMUSE?

Dr. Chris knows firsthand how difficult it can be to watch a person you love battle with respiratory issues. BetterLungs Immunity with IMMUSE™ is a direct and passionate response to that difficulty. You and your loved ones deserve to feel like your immune system can be protected; BetterLungs Immunity with IMMUSE™ is up to the challenge. With clinically supported ingredients, and proven benefits, you can trust BetterBrand to deliver immune system support in the form of a delicious bite sized gummy every single time.

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