BetterMushrooms...the best type of shrooms.

BetterMushrooms...the best type of shrooms.

Where did the mushroom trend begin?

Dr. Chris first encountered mushrooms as a valuable supplement when he read a peer-reviewed study on the functional benefits of Reishi mushroom. He was fascinated by its extensive use in Traditional Chinese Medicine and began looking into creating a mushroom blend of his own to add to the BetterBrand lineup. For years Dr. Chris combed through scientific literature regarding other mushroom species and finally settled on his own formula: BetterMushrooms, a safe and effective functional mushroom supplement that can naturally support your full-body health and help you feel your best everyday. 

Reishi, a main ingredient in Dr. Chris’ BetterMushroom formula, is known as the mushroom for calm and relaxation. It can boost your immune system which makes it a great option for the winter seasons. Reishi can also help with energy levels because it can aid in bringing the body to a greater state of parasympathetic activity, which is crucial to allowing the body to recover and rest. Reishi’s benefits may also include increased mental cognition and a more balanced gut.

Chaga, another ingredient in BetterMushroom, is known as the mushroom for skin. A lab conducted study demonstrated that it has the ability to promote the production of melanin within skin cells. Chaga also contains Betulonic acid which can help to restore skin cells to aid in creating a more youthful appearance. 

Lion’s Mane, the mushroom for cognition, is well known for its extensively researched cognitive benefits. Dr. Chris intentionally included Lion’s Mane in the BetterMushroom formula because of its ability to boost mental functioning. Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane has the ability to stimulate brain cell growth and reduce symptoms of memory loss. Lion’s Mane is a great ingredient to include in your daily supplements if you are looking to stimulate your brain and care for your future memory function. 

Cordyceps are the mushroom for physical performance. Research suggests that the results of cordyceps use may be visible in less than 10 days. Some bodybuilders take doses of cordyceps before they workout to enhance their lifting abilities because it can help to boost exercise performance. It is also often noted for its positive effects on sexual stamina.

Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Miatake, Black Fungus, White Button, and Royal Sun are also included in Dr. Chris’ formula. All of these mushrooms produce Vitamin D, which can be beneficial for bone health, immune function, and lessening symptoms of depression. They also contain B Vitamins, helpful for metabolic processing, and cholesterol lowering compounds. 

BetterMushrooms is a wonderful blend of 10 different functional mushrooms and is designed to help with your day to day health. It was born out of Dr. Chris’ desire to formulate a supplement that could be taken daily to offer a considerable number of wide ranging benefits. From physical performance to mental sharpness, BetterMushrooms can increase the ease with which you navigate your daily life. 

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