What the heck is immunity?

What the heck is immunity?

The Backstory

With COVID-19 seeing its last forecasted high peak in Winter 2022, the conversation has shifted more to everyday immunity. Knowing how to care for your immune system is an important part of maintaining your health, both with regards to COVID-19 and beyond. Feeling sick is never enjoyable, so knowing how to minimize symptoms of the flu and other common sicknesses is a big part of feeling good throughout the year!

Your immune system is a highly complex system of cells, tissues, organs, and proteins that works to protect your body from infection. A weak immune system means that your body will have greater difficulty fighting off viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There are a variety of things that can lead to a weak immune system. Smoking, drinking alcohol, a lack of exercise (or too much) and a lack of sleep are all common causes of a weaker immune system. High amounts of stress over a long period of time can also lead to a less secure immune system. 

Let's boost that immune system.

So what are the best ways to boost your immune system? If you’re looking for at home boosters: eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables can do wonders for your immune system. Regular moderate physical activity can also be great for you. However, sleeping enough can be one of the most important things to do to promote a healthy immune system. During sleep, cytokines are released by your immune system. Cytokines are a protein that can sometimes help to promote sleep. When you have an infection, specific cytokines need to increase to fight it and when you are sleep deprived, you may experience a decreased production of this protein. Stress also can impact cytokine production, and while stress is sometimes unavoidable, trying to sleep 8 hours a night can help to keep producing this crucial protein at adequate levels to fight infections.

If you are looking to take a supplement that aids in a well functioning immune system, look no further than IMMUSE™! While there are great ways to help boost your immune system with Vitamin C, E, and B6, IMMUSE™ is one of the most well researched immunity boosters available.  IMMUSE™ is a revolutionary immune health product that can provide immune support for anyone looking to increase the efficacy of their immune system. Its support of the immune system has been backed by 14 clinical trials. BetterLungs Immunity with IMMUSE™ combines its incredible immune system benefits with a delicious bite sized gummy to offer you easy access to a healthier immune system. Combining our immune system product with consistent good sleep, a healthy diet, and physical activity can help to give you the immune system support that you need. Give it a try. Good luck!

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