Healthy lungs is more than just breathing?

Healthy lungs is more than just breathing?

Maintaining good respiratory health is an essential part of supporting overall wellbeing.  In order to live well, you need to breathe well. In order to breathe well, you need to maintain healthy lungs. Everyone asks the important question: how can you maintain your lung health before getting sick?

Let’s start by understanding what it means to have unhealthy lungs in the first place.

One obvious sign of bad respiratory health is a cough that lasts for weeks. Another sign of poor lungs are an increase in mucus production. Any difficulty breathing likely indicates that your lung health is less than ideal. 

Intentional deep breathing is a great way to maintain lung health. Taking deep slow inhales first into the stomach, then the ribs, then the chest, and finally exhaling as far as you can, helps to increase lung capacity. Postural awareness can also help to increase lung capacity. Sitting up tall and reaching above your head to expand the chest can help to make room for your lungs to expand more fully. One of the best ways to maintain respiratory health is to stay active. 20 minutes a day of moderate movement can help to preserve lung function. Jump roping, running, lifting weights, or even taking brisk walks are all beneficial for lung health. 

If you are looking to start taking supplements to help increase your respiratory health, look for formulas that include Vitamin D. It has been extensively researched for its positive impacts on the respiratory and immune system. It is one of the most important vitamins you can take to support your lung health. L-cysteine is also a crucial ingredient. It has been shown to support lung function and helps with glutathione levels within the body; L-Cysteine helps to naturally increase these levels. Find a supplement, like BetterLungs, that includes both!

Learning to properly care for your lungs can feel intimidating. Your lungs are at the forefront of a properly functioning bodily system. Pairing at home remedies with lung health supplements is the key to maintaining your lung health. Give it a try!

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