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8 Ways to Support Your Lungs

1. Put them to work. 💪

Exercise! Your lungs get stronger when you make them work. Run, bike, swim, or pick up something heavy, anything that gets you using those lungs will help.


2. Drink plenty of water. 🌊

Staying hydrated is important for every part of your body and especially your lungs. Healthy lungs have a thin layer of mucus coating them, and drinking enough water throughout the day helps to keep that mucosal lining from building up.


3. Make time for fresh air. 🍃

What’s better for your body than its natural environment? Getting outside of your house and taking in fresh air is an extremely easy way to make sure your lungs are getting fresh, clean, and healthy air.


4. Get plants in the house. 🌿

Plants keep air fresh by removing toxins and carbon dioxide from the air. Having some plants around the house will improve your overall air quality and maintain a healthy level of oxygen indoors.


5. Sanitize your hands and phone. 🧼

Good hygiene is good for your lungs. Making a point to regularly clean your hands and phone will help keep bacteria and viruses out of your lungs. This is especially important during flu season!


6. Use all-natural scents. 👃

Many artificial scents in candles, essential oils, and air fresheners irritate the lungs and cause respiratory inflammation. Replacing them with all-natural scent products will help your lungs keep breathing strong.


7. Avoid air pollution. 🌆

When you live in a city, air pollution seems unavoidable. However, there are steps you can take to mitigate your exposure. Doing things like getting an air purifier for your home and moving your outdoor exercising to areas outside of urban centers can significantly reduce your intake of pollutants in the air.

8. Use respirator masks. 

Respirator masks help you protect your lungs from viruses, bacteria and fine dust. Please follow the safety standards in order to select the appropriate level of protection; masks of the type FFP3, which can filter 99% of all pollutants, are particularly safe. Even when training in the winter months, a mouth and nose cover helps to minimize the inhalation of cold air, which can dry out the fluid layer in the airways.
While some are easier than others, all either tips can help improve your air quality, lung function, and overall health. If you’re looking for daily lung support in the form of an all-natural supplement, we recommend you check out BetterLungs. It has 8 ingredients that synergize to support immune function, lung health, and athletic performance. Learn more about BetterLungs.
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