6 Lung Detox Tips For Smokers

6 Lung Detox Tips For Smokers

Our lungs are one of the hardest-working organs in our bodies. They’re essentially responsible for maintaining normal functions and, well, keeping us alive. That said, our lungs are constantly exposed to allergens and other chemicals in the air, especially if you’re a smoker.

Smokers’ lungs are constantly taking in harmful pollutants from cigarettes. But lungs are self-cleaning organs, meaning they can heal themselves once the pollutants stop.

If you're a smoker, ex-smoker, or even a non-smoker exposed to secondhand smoke, chances are your lungs could use a little detox. Continue reading to learn how you can give your lungs support through natural detox methods and supplements.

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What Is A Lung Detox?

As mentioned, our lungs are incredible organs with a built-in detoxification system. Through processes like coughing, mucus production, and the action of tiny hair-like structures called cilia, our lungs work to filter out harmful substances. However, other methods like mindful eating habits, hydration, and supplements like mullein can support lung health and help detox the lungs. Check out the tips below for more natural ways to cleanse your lungs.

Natural Lung Cleanse & Detox Tips

Your lungs are among the largest organs in your body. Whether you're a smoker looking to quit, a former smoker, or even a non-smoker, everyone can benefit from supporting their lung health. Check out our top six natural lung detox and cleansing tips below.

1. Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker, the best thing you can do for your lungs is to quit. We understand that quitting is easier said rather than done, but the first and most crucial step in lung detoxification is to kick the habit. Quitting smoking allows your lungs to begin the healing process immediately if they’re not permanently damaged.

quit smoking for lung detox

Within several weeks after quitting, your circulation and lung function will improve. Within a year of quitting, cilia will get better at moving mucus out of your lungs, reducing the risk of frequent lung infections.

Once you’ve reached your 10-year mark, your risk of developing lung cancer is half that of a person who is still smoking. By quitting smoking, you’re adding years to your life while minimizing the risk of developing lung diseases.

2. Loosen Mucus

Clearing mucus from your lungs helps prevent lung infections. If you get frequent lung infections, you probably have excess mucus buildup in your lungs. To loosen mucus, try methods like coughing, steam therapy, and natural expectorants like mullein tea to help loosen and expel mucus.

mullein tea and flowers

Controlled Coughing

Coughing is our body’s way of expelling toxins trapped in mucus. Controlled coughing is a method used to loosen mucus and expel it through the airways.

To do this, simply sit down with your shoulders relaxed while keeping both feet flat on the floor. Then, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth while coughing two to three times. Repeating this will help break up all the mucus trapped in your lungs.

Steam Therapy

Steam has been long used to help soothe irritation and break up mucus. Inhaling warm steam can help loosen mucus and help those with respiratory discomfort breathe more easily.

You can try steam therapy for yourself by hovering your face over a hot, steaming bowl of water. This method can also soothe sore throats.


Expectorants help relieve coughs, sore throats, and irritated lungs. They are used to break up and expel trapped mucus. Moisture, hydration, and even honey can be used as an expectorant, but hot mullein tea has long been regarded as a tried and true remedy.

BetterLungs® Mullein Supplements are a great way to clean mucus. As the best lung health support supplement on the market, taking these capsules or our Mullein Gummies naturally minimize coughing and enhance airway health for better breathing.

man taking lung detox pills

3. Avoid Pollutants and Irritants

Pollutants like smoke will irritate your lungs. Make sure you’re protecting your lungs by minimizing exposure to sources of pollutants and irritants such as:

  • Natural gas and oil
  • Vehicles and equipment
  • Residential heating and cooling sources
  • Commercial and industrial processes
  • Cigarettes and secondhand smoke

In addition, you should ensure your home is kept clean and free of any irritants. An air purifier can also help clean your indoor air quality. You can also prepare for the day by checking your local air quality reports. The air quality index (AQI) in your area can be checked by visiting AirNow.gov. If the AQI value is higher, you’ll want to stay indoors as much as possible.

Cleaning products can also trigger lung irritation and asthma symptoms. Ensure you’re using natural cleaning products free of aerosols or volatile organic compounds. And, as always, vacuum dust and pet dander as soon as you can.

Dust and dander can be triggers for those with allergies and respiratory issues, so make sure you’re keeping up with your cleaning routine.

4. Hydrate

Whether you have a lung condition or not, drinking water is a necessity. In general, men should drink an average of 15.5 cups of water a day whereas women should drink about 11.5 cups. Drinking plenty of fluids helps keep your respiratory system hydrated and supports the removal of toxins from your lungs. Warm fluids, such as herbal teas, can be particularly soothing.

BetterLungs® Mullein Tea is an immune-boosting herbal mullein tea blend formulated to soothe coughs and respiratory issues. Its natural ingredients are rich in antioxidants and help ease inflammation.

woman drinking BetterLungs Mullein Tea for lung detox

5. Start an Exercise and Breathwork Routine

Whether you have respiratory issues or not, exercise is important for everyone. Regular exercise and breathing exercises can help strengthen your lungs and even improve lung capacity. Incorporate activities like walking, swimming, and yoga into your routine, focusing on deep breathing techniques.

Practicing breathing techniques can strengthen your diaphragm and help your lungs function better. You can practice these breathing exercises anywhere you want:

  • Paced breathing
  • Breathing through pursed lips
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Slow and concentrated breathing

Make sure you schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about any changes in your exercise routine.

6. Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Antioxidants help protect your lungs from oxidative stress and inflammation. Load up on foods like:

  • Berries
  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts and legumes
  • Seeds
  • Beans and lentils
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Turmeric and ginger
  • Healthy fats and avocados
  • Artichokes and red cabbage
  • Fresh vegetables

As you mind your diet, you should also actively avoid foods that can worsen asthma and inflammation. Avoid eating foods such as sugars, additives, trans fats, and refined vegetable oils.

For an added boost of antioxidants, consider adding BetterLungs® Mullein Tincture into your diet. This tincture’s easy dropper is ideal for adding mullein extract into water and healthy smoothies. It’s formulated with chlorophyll, a natural compound in green plants known for detoxification and internal cleansing.

Mullein Leaf Extract for lung detox

According to a study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “chlorophyll has been shown to exhibit detoxification properties.” Chlorophyll’s ability to help neutralize toxins and support blood purification results in improved energy and vitality.

Maintaining Long-Term Lung Health

If you’re ready to start your journey to better lung health, then quitting smoking and practicing good daily habits will get you there—but it’s always nice to have some support along the way.

To support your long-term lung health journey, consider products from BetterBrand. Our Ultimate Lung Health Pack includes everything you need to support your lung health and function. This pack includes a combination of supplements, teas, and tinctures formulated with ingredients known for their respiratory benefits. The best part is that BetterBrand is 100% pharmacist-formulated for your peace of mind.

What Is BetterLungs®?

BetterLungs® is the creation of Dr. Chris Jackson, PharmD. The idea behind BetterLungs® was inspired by his personal experience with respiratory issues in his family. Collaborating with our science team, he identified key ingredients like Vitamin D, L-Cysteine, pine bark, ginseng, mullein, Reishi mushroom, and elderberry, that help boost respiratory health.

Today, BetterLungs® has helped hundreds of happy customers breathe better. Become a success story and start detoxing your lungs with the help of BetterLungs®.

Start Your Lung Detox With BetterBrand

Detoxing your lungs doesn’t happen overnight, but you can get started with the help of BetterBrand. Whether you're looking to kick-start your lung detox journey or maintain long-term respiratory wellness, BetterBrand has your lungs covered. 

All of our products are pharmacist-formulated, backed, and lab-tested in the United States. We have a detox method that’s right for you. Browse our collection of lung support products and start breathing easier today.

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