Dr. Chris is a Doctor of Pharmacy. Dr. Chris trained at The University of Texas at Austin and has published several research projects to advance the use of rapid diagnostics in the field of infectious disease. He served as a Combat Medic and Infantry Officer in the US Army.

Dr. Chris is a successful entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector. He is an expert at constructing brands and is well versed in the nuances of developing and upholding strong brands. Dr. Chris is not only an expert in the pharmaceutical industry, but he is also a seasoned business leader with a track record of successfully running businesses and fostering growth.

Additionally, he maintains a significant online presence on social media, engaging with millions of users frequently. His capacity to successfully explain difficult ideas in a relatable and understandable way makes him a great thought leader and influencer in the business. His ability to connect with and engage such a sizable audience is a testimonyto this talent.


About Betterbrand

Why I Created BetterLungs®

Every one of my family members on my father’s side is or was a smoker. I say “was” because a few of them have now passed due to complications associated with respiratory ailments.

After doing my own research over the years, which was aided through my education as a pharmacist, I found a combination of natural ingredients that would give my family the respiratory support they were searching for. I distilled the ingredients list down to the best choices, dosed them based on available data, and created the product we call BetterLungs today.


#1 Lung Health Support

"I really love this product. It has helped my lungs by cleaning them and giving me better breathing."

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#1 "Hangover" Relief Remedy

"Fantastic Product! I don't know what voodoo is in here but they absolutely work!"

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