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Our Mission: Better living through science

Better data.
Better formulas.
Better understanding.

Everyone deserves better.

We pride ourselves on designing products that are backed by data and have been studied extensively for safety and function. Backing up our ingredients with simple to understand scientific reasoning as to why they were chosen is also important to us. Today’s science can let everyone live better, and we want to help them get there.

Ordinary supplements just weren't cutting it for us.

Most of the popular supplements on the market contain fillers or take a kitchen sink assuming “more is better.” While some ingredients have science to back up claims, they’re usually dosing below what would have any noticeable effect. Basically, regular supplements just aren’t cutting it, so we’re addressing the need to make them better.

Our Future

Every one of our products starts with a worthy cause, whether it’s working more efficiently, maintaining a healthy immune system, getting more restful sleep, or generally improving your day to day life. Once we have a cause, we compile a large list of ingredients that have been used to meet those goals in the past. Then we dive into the literature and compile data to support their inclusion or find reasons to exclude ingredients, letting the data determine what goes in and what sits on the shelf. This is an iterative process that begins and ends with our Chief Science Officer, formally educated as a Pharmacist (PharmD), and research team.

Let's make it better together.

If you have an idea for a product or favorite ingredient that is not in our current lineup, we welcome any and all recommendations and promise to fully investigate their potential!

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